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Knowing Through Unknowing, It Doesn’t Matter   Leave a comment

You are bestowed with the most powerful creative, problem solving, conceptual, and perceptual tool known in this world, The brain. Your consciousness, or dare I say soul, utilizes this gray matter to interact with physical reality.

Despite this tremendous asset, you as a human being will never know with absolute certainty in this lifetime; what happens after death, when you will die, when your friends and family will die, whether your personal endeavors will fail or succeed, whether there is a meaning to life, and whether divine does or does not exist. What we do know for certain is that we, along with every single living being, will die.

If we cannot truly know the definitive answer to these questions and we know that life is fleeting, that at any moment our existence in this form will come to an end, then why do so many of us allow ourselves to become absorbed in matters of trivia even to the point of emotional suffering? When really, it doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter.

The grudge you hold for someone who may have lied to you , betrayed you, or said something you didn’t like in the past, doesn’t matter.

You passing judgement over your fellow human beings, doesn’t matter.

People having a poor opinion of you, doesn’t matter.

Drama in the workplace over what someone said or had done, doesn’t matter.

Money? A belief system made up by humans and printed on paper everyday (now mostly digits on a screen), doesn’t matter.

Your job, your title, your car, and all your material possessions, they don’t matter either. You don’t even possess your “possessions” or the land you live on. They are only things accessible to you in the human form and serve no purpose whatsoever after this life.

(This is the part where you try to justify to yourself all your anxieties over things that you believe really matter that don’t really matter. Instead of doing this I suggest calling up your wife, husband, mother, father, sibling, friend, etc. right now and tell him or her you love them and are blessed to have them in your life)

“But what about my bills?!” “My job!” “I have responsibilities!” “I have children to feed!” “They all matter!”. These statements are conducive of someone who is actually well situated in their life (i.e. has a job, can pay for their own shelter, can realistically provide for their family, probably in good physical health) but actively seeks out reasons for and makes excuses for their own personal suffering, usually in the form of desire. Maybe they believe they should have a better car, a bigger house, more money, a better job. That he or she should have more than what they have. There is a lack of contentment that many people in western society have despite the highest standard of living in the world. Why? Because too many people devote too much energy to thoughts and things that do not matter.

These are just some of the justifications people tell themselves and others so that they can suffer and tap into a psychological aspect of all people; the capability and desire for self-destruction. As a society we deal with this conflict all the time. As Jung mentioned, at any moment man is susceptible to some new madness and war. This principle is applied to the individual as well. Some people just choose to be miserable.

Now, you do have responsibilities and the failure to fulfill them will have consequences but most of them do not matter either. If you don’t show up to work, you will probably get fired and will likely need to find another means of income. Does that matter? Nope. Fail to make payments on a home or vehicle and you may lose that vehicle or home, Does it matter? Nope. Fail to have a proper diet, exercise, and rest and you will become unhealthy. In the grand scheme of things even this doesn’t matter. The presence or absence of you as a human being on earth does not matter, the universe goes on with or without you.

Look at the society the west has created for itself. Is there any greater perversion than having a prevailing culture that drives one to spend all of their young adulthood and middle age engaged in a broken record, treadmill like, rat race like existence of the typical 9-5 5 days a week (if lucky) chasing the proverbial cheese (wealth, money, power) so that hopefully by the time one is old and feeble one can “retire” and do the things that he or she wants to do (if they are even physically capable of doing so)

“But that’s just the way it is!”

Says the person who has put all their energy into the societies collective belief system on how it should be run failing to realize that as the most powerful creative beings on the planet humanity is capable of creating thousands of different kinds of societies with different values and ways of being. It starts with the individual.

Our “primitive” indigenous ancestors dedicated just a few hours each day towards the labor necessary to provide food, shelter, and medicine for the tribe. The rest of time was spent in story telling, ceremonial celebrations, games, eating, sleeping, inebriation, and sex. Life was much simpler and people were content with what they had. Yes, our early ancestors could die from a simple infection, lacked pain medication, and had wild predators to contend with, but I believe you get the point.

Yet now, with all of our advanced technology and knowledge, people are working more than ever. People are holding multiple jobs and many are miserable in the labor they engage in that serves to attain money and in large part to accumulate material things. People are rather disconnected from their communities as everyone is out for themselves to acquire more things that don’t matter.

You exist for maybe 80 – 100 years as a human being, if you have offspring you may be remembered by your family for maybe a few generations and then all memory of you will be lost. You are nothing more than dust in the wind, a blip in the 15 billion years of the existence of this universe, all your cares and worries simply do not matter no matter how much you try to convince yourself that they do.

The critic of these words would likely argue that I am advocating a free-for-all  anything goes type of society, after all, its doesn’t matter, right? This is simply not true. Natural law prevents this. There are consequences for everything. So, obviously a system of moral laws should be in place to allow for all people to live and pursue their dreams. To fulfill ones goals one must put forth effort and work towards them or these goals will not be able to manifest, very simple.

If you are responsible for the care of children you will have to work to provide for them. Remember, you made the choice to engage in sexual intercourse and bring children into this world. The complaints and stress associated with child-rearing don’t matter either. If you do not want the responsibility of raising children then do not have children.

Life is not always going to be smooth and fun. However, the often excessive material desires of western society lead people to invest energy into fear, judging others, and self loathing. All things that don’t matter.

What does matter is love and forgiveness. Love and forgive thyself, your friends, family, your fellow human beings, and creation in general and you will find a peace that cannot be found in terms of any level of material wealth or status.

Know that you cannot know and let go.

You, as a single individual have only a certain sphere of influence. You lack control. For example, the business cycle ebbs and flows, the weather changes, the natural environment which supports every moment of your physical existence as a human is out of your control, and you cannot control any other person, including subordinates and coworkers, who are actually exercising their own free will in following your instruction/orders.

Believe you have control? ok, stop breathing for an hour, cease all bowel movements for 2 days, change the direction of your blood flow, stop your heartbeat, never blink. These are your most intimate bodily functions, you’re very body, yet even it is beyond your control.

For some, not being in control is a frightening place to be and fear over things beyond ones control can sometimes become a serious problem in the form of malignant anxiety or catastrophic thinking. But you will never be in control and therefore your anxiety or desire to be in control doesn’t matter. You are simply hurting yourself for no valid reason.

There is no single way for one to find contentment through acceptance of non-control and a knowing of unknowing. Everyone’s individual experience is unique, there are many individual belief systems and thought processes at play that can effect how one attains this level of awareness.

Take a moment to reflect upon all the things that bother you, do they really matter?


Stay peaceful