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Is anybody really surprised that the rational empiricists have recently “discovered” that people’s intuition is usually accurate and that those who are able to recognize and utilize this valuable, seemingly extra sensory ability that all human beings apparently have, benefit tremendously?

We’ve all experienced it at some point in our lives (I hope!), that hunch that comes from nowhere while we are lost and we seize it for our advantage to find our way again, or the lingering yet undeniable sense that we need to make a certain choice that once acted upon turns out to be for our benefit.

Now, can one say that intuition is 100% successful? Of course not. Yet the probability is high and now there is a new scientific study confirming that it is actually, yes really, quite accurate.


The key is recognition and action. How do we know our intuition is signaling us? Well, this is a rather difficult task considering the number of distractions to our senses and conscious perception that are in existence today. Many of us can be seen constantly moving our necks down to fiddle with a smart phone, lost in I-pod audioland, or staring at a large flat screen object known as a television. Even sifting through all of this there is still the challenge of distinguishing one’s intuition from one’s emotions, mood, or anxieties.

Is the lover who feels unsettled suspecting his or her partner of insincerity or infidelity picking up something intuitively or is he or she paranoid, with the culprit being an unwarranted level of mistrust with self and others?  Does the businessperson who has serious doubts about an important business endeavor and is about to stop the whole thing picking up on something that may actually hurt their business or is this just a fear of failure within setting in again?

The only way to tell is to test it out!

First, you must analyze your beliefs, if you truly do not believe in intuition you are already inhibiting your intuition and will rationalize it away if it is engaged. So check your beliefs. If you believe in the power of intuition you are now in the proper frame of mind to test it out.

To do that one needs to set aside the sensory distractions to calm the mind and allow for internal observation of ones whole being. This creates an environment that is more conducive to the first step in utilizing the tool of intuition, recognition. One game you can play is too make your way to an area that is concentrated with restaurants. Go with the intent only to have a fine meal and an enjoyable lunch/dinne, without any particular choice of cuisine in mind. As you make your way along the area take note of your internal status, always keeping the original intent in mind. How do you react from the appearance and thought of the available restaurants? Any discrepancies? Do you find any differences in places that may be visually appealing (nice signs, building) but just don’t feel right?

Avoid the internal dialogue. This is the rational, left brain, ego-oriented aspect of the self trying to do its thing and weigh the cost/benefits of each potential decision based on the information it has to process, taking into account past experiences, current knowledge, etc. to influence the ultimate decision. Step away from that, focus on the present moment and “know” which is the right choice. Then go with it and see how it works out, I would wager the probability is high that it will. If not, well, you can always play the game again.

Once you are able to hone in on your intuition go with it! Remember, once your internal dialogue kicks in your intuition will be clouded. Basically don’t think about it, just do it. Eventually with practice in other situations; around people in social/professional situations, planning future events, and tending to other people’s situations you will (like all skills and abilities) improve your intuition and maximize its use as the powerful tool that it truly is.

Now, for you overly left-brain leaning rational folks that require repeatably demonstrated evidence and may be coming to opinions and conclusions that this is simply new age mumbo jumbo I suggest taking a look at some of Rupert Sheldrake’s work and his morphogenetic field theories specifically regarding Intuition.

The Science of Intuition

Happy reading/listening and trust thyself.

Stay peaceful