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Climbing Over Your Wall and Undamming Your Flow…..But Remember, There is No Wall.   3 comments

There is an excellent clip in the philosophically inspiring action film, The Matrix, that sums up this article in its entirety. Please take a brief moment to watch so that your mind is receptive to the words to follow.



There is No Spoon



When we are examining the present state of our lives we will at times come to the conclusion that we are not living a purposeful life, one that is fulfilling and one that is in alignment, one that nurtures our well being. It is almost like writer’s block in that we find ourselves unable to tap into our power and manifest the life of our dreams through the direction of our will. We feel stuck in place.


We may find that negative aspects of our psyche hold more influence over us and lead us to make choices that are not always to our benefit. Others may or may not perceive this about you as well. We may be self-medicating with drugs to deal with this even if we are not aware that we are doing so.


If you find yourself in this situation then perhaps there is a wall in place. A wall that is damming your creative flow and inhibiting the true expression of your self. Until the wall is removed the blockage will continue and the circular patterns of emotions and behaviors to which you feel trapped in will continue on.


There are two primary steps to keep in mind when addressing this issue. First is to recognize your wall. The second is knowing that there is no wall, You can’t climb this wall as that is impossible, that it is you who must bend your will and render the wall into nothingness (pretty much just as was said in The Matrix clip)


To be able to recognize your wall you must keep a clear,open mind, without judgments or conclusions. You must then turn inward and examine the totality of your being, your memories, and everything that is you. So long as your mind is open and your search is active you WILL discover your wall.


My wall, for example, was an unresolved estranged relationship with a loved one. I was aware of this wall but I underestimated its power over me and it was not until I resolved this situation that the second step automatically took place, the wall vanished. I was tapped back into my purpose and my creative flow was free to allow the full expression of my will and to once again create my life as I so will it towards the betterment of my own being and that of others.


So that’s it in a nutshell, Once you recognize your wall you can address it, once you address it and resolve it the wall will disappear and your true self will re-emerge to fulfill the purpose of whatever purpose you wish to fulfill.



But always remember, ultimately, there is no wall.


Stay Peaceful.




The Power and Great Imperative of the Imagination   1 comment

The Power of the imagination is only limited by one’s own mind. The creative spirit that resides within all of us is boundless if one can recognize it, tap into it, and bring it forth into the three dimensional world of physical reality.


In fact, the imagination is operating all the time even if we are not aware of it. Our entire perception of the world is shaped by our imagination WHETHER YOU CHOOSE TO BELIEVE IT OR NOT. Your choice not to believe is in fact an imaginative construct created by yourself, a belief. Indeed, Quantum physics is showing us that the observer determines the outcome. However, I will not digress further into this particular matter as this is the domain of others.


So, try to absorb that for a moment and ponder about the things in your life that are not going well. Start to question yourself and your beliefs. You may realize that the way you are imagining and therefore perceiving the world is going against your own well-being. That it is YOU who are creating your own suffering and therefore contributing to the collective suffering of the world. A sad tale indeed. Yet one that is far to prevalent in our world today.


Does somebody want to remind me why we choose the path of suffering?


Look, I am not denying an external reality to which we participate in and depend on to exist in our bodies. What I am trying to say is that we as part of creation co-create creation on the psychic level. Yes, there are influences in our “external” reality (how our brains process it at least, but that would make it ultimately “internal” reality, wouldn’t it.) that lead us to choose to believe in and imagine a world where we, by our own free will, lower ourselves into an almost hypnotic zombie (theres that ever present growing meme again) like trance.


You know the drill; wake up, coffee (We are a nation of caffeine addicts), go to work, come home, television, sleep, then wake up and repeat. Further contributing to the trance is the multitude of easily accessible electronic devices (i.e. Laptop, Ipod, Ipad, Iphone, Internet, TV, etc), unhealthy drinks and foods coupled with poor eating habits, and subliminal programming (often negative, i.e. advertising, the news, etc.) that overwhelms our senses on a daily basis distracting us from our true selves and ultimately our true purpose.


Is it then any wonder we have convinced ourselves to believe that the world is dull, boring, and mundane? With little hope, full of fear, aggression, suffering, and hatred? Can it therefore really be a surprise to anyone that our world is now overwhelmed by this excremental aspect of our psyches as human beings?

I believe Carl Jung was right, it is psychic events that are the greatest threat to our species.


Here is what happened;


We have forgotten who we are. We have fallen asleep at the wheel.


We are the creators of the universe. That’s right, its true. Yes, our universe is that awesome. Its ok, you can accept it, for that is what it is and that is who we are. Embrace it. WAKE UP!


Are we not long past the time to stop creating a world out of balance? Ever skewing closer to the realm of negativity and ultimately oblivion? BY OUR OWN WILL NONETHELESS!


Or, would we rather create a world where peace, joy, happiness, goodwill, life, and even magic(k) reign across the land and sea until the end of days?


I don’t know about you but I think the choice is pretty obvious. I know what choice I’ve already made.


What about you? Afterall, the entirety of the universe starts with YOU.


I am quite hopeful, maybe you will be, or already are. If so, GREAT! If not, what are you waiting for?


Stay Peaceful