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Yoda’s Wisdom   4 comments

Yoda Knows.

Yoda’s Wisdom – #1

Yoda’s Wisdom – #2



So simple, yet so profound.


The 800 year old Jedi master truly is a wise being for he knows truths that, when applied, benefit our well-being. Yet, often when presented with these simple truths many of us choose to reject them and seek out more complex and convoluted conclusions.


Deny it, denounce it, whatever. It is no secret that many of us inflate
the difficulty of resolving issues in our lives to the point where we
actually believe we are incapable of resolving them. When we hold the
belief that we are incapable of resolving our problems and improving upon
our own well being our behavior and thinking falls in alignment with
this belief. We in fact do not resolve our problems nor do we improve
upon our own well being. Thus, the suffering endures. In all honesty it is such a waste of time and is so unnecessary.

Often do I hear from people “Well, I guess i’ll give it a try” in that
oh so familiar depressive tone that speaks far louder than the words
themselves. What that tone says is “I can’t” which ultimately means “I won’t”.
When I hear these words from people I must refer them to to the wisdom
of Yoda.


Do it. Make it happen. If you don’t do it, then it doesn’t
happen. There is no in between, there is no try!


Does depression feel like being trapped in the Abyss of Nothingness &
Despair? YES. Does anxiety feel like being ,well, trapped? YES. Does
this mean one is incapable of untrapping themselves? Incapable of
climbing out of the Abyss of Nothingness? The answer is a resounding NO!

Know that there is always HOPE. No matter what the obstacle, no matter
how insurmountable it may seem. I don’t care what anyone with letters in
front of and after their name says. There is always hope and
possibilities are available for even the most impaired. Let nobody sway you
otherwise. Don’t just believe you are capable of healing. Go higher than that. KNOW YOU ARE

If you know and be that which you are you can achieve anything for you
and I are the creators of the Universe.

Remember why you have failed, learn from it, grow, and make it happen.
You can start right now if you so choose. Why not start now?