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Patience. It doesn’t have to happen yesterday.   3 comments

How many times have we heard the old saying “Patience is a virtue”? More than we can count probably.


But who needs patience when we have instant access to information, instant communication, and instant transaction? This is the 21st century baby! We don’t have time for patience for “I want it now!” is the theme of this day. Let the quickening quicken there’s no time to waste don’t blink or you will be left in the dust.


Before you know it we have made choices and carried out actions without much thought, sometimes not to the benefit of our own well-being, and sometimes our haste and expectations themselves lead us to stress.




How often do we get frustrated when we look at the present moment and what we have envisioned for the present moment has not occurred? Frustration almost always sets in. We may even feel depressed and hopeless, especially when we have made the choices and taken the steps that should be manifesting our vision. WHY IS IT NOT HAPPENING NOW!?


Part of the issue could be our lack of patience. We have become so accustomed to having our needs and desires satiated immediately with our iphones and androids that we become anxious when we find ourselves in situations where there is a delay, even slight ones.


Please remember,


This planet is 4.5 billion years old, this universe is 15 billion years old. Things take time to manifest. Even our lives are not very short, even though we keep hearing how short they are. It is our memory of the past that deceives us as the moments of the past are instantaneous in our memory and we perceive it as a much shorter span of time. For example, a 30 year old person is almost 11,000 days old, having been what is considered an adult for almost 4,400 days.


So, your business plan might take a little longer to bring in the kind of profit that you have expected but if you are making the right choices, while directing your attention and intention with the proper action, IT WILL HAPPEN.


While you are in the midst of your frustration, near panic, and possibly sinking into depression have you taken any time to look around and see WHAT IS AVAILABLE in the present? The present, after all, is a gift. Often times opportunities and proverbial “doors” are open right in front of us to be used for our own benefit. However, if our minds are too wrapped up into the future we will not see them.


Turn off the phone for a minute, set it aside, put the laptop on hibernate and take in the moment for what it is. Appreciate what you do have. Listen to others around you, what do they have to say? Can it be something to your benefit? Tap into the flow of the present, we don’t always have to be doing, it doesn’t have to happen yesterday, its OK TO BE.


We are after all human BEINGS.