Separateness is the Illusion. Oneness is the Reality   3 comments

When we wake up every day and look around we see a vast world; miles and miles of land and sea with the seemingly limitless sky always above our heads. Our planet, out of billions and trillions of planets is teeming with billions and trillions of life forms.  If we live in a city we encounter endless numbers of new people every moment and buildings everywhere. From a separation perspective we are nothing but an insignificant speck of a speck of dust. From a separation perspective we are all alone, cut off from the infinite everything in our little biological meat suits.

In my opinion this is a deception.

You, I, and everything are not separate. Indeed we are all part of a universal mind, a shared consciousness, or maybe even a dream if you will. Thus, everything we experience, whether it’s through our physical senses or the thoughts in our brains, is our mind. All your neighbors, friends, and mentors are all a part of your mind. Your family, your pool, your home, everything is your mind.

Now, you may not believe a word I just typed but frankly I don’t care what you believe nor am I trying to impose my beliefs upon you, nor do I require your beliefs to formulate my own. You are free to believe whatever it is you want to believe. However, I believe that this particular belief of mine is important and I wish to share it with you to read and take from it whatever it is you so choose.

Once again “The Matrix’s” philosophical brilliance comes to play in highlighting this perspective in the following scene. Here Morpheus explains to Neo what the Matrix (metaphorically representing reality), is. Feel free to take a look.


What is Real


So, what is the implication of the perspective of oneness?      EVERYTHING.

This means that the neighbor who was once an annoying endless vocal cord generating mouth mover is actually a part of your own mind and maybe, just maybe, you can use his insight, as part of your own mind, to consciously become aware of or learn something. Unfortunately, in the separation perspective our egos get in our way.

Take the example of the new lifeguard at my pool. Now, I am an excellent swimmer yet have a poor butterfly stroke. Until recently I stopped performing the stroke altogether. When I made my feeble attempt at it again the new lifeguard immediately informed me of the error in my form that was preventing me from properly performing the butterfly stroke.  I listened to him and followed his instruction. In no time my butterfly improved and now I am eager to continue to improve it and incorporate it into my swimming workout.

When I was younger I may have rejected his advice by letting ego get in the way. Because I’m an excellent swimmer and may have thought “Who does this guy think he is? I don’t need his help” and scoffed him off to the detriment of my butterfly stroke. Now, because I maintain the perspective of oneness I viewed the lifeguard as myself accessing my mind to bring forth understanding to my conscious awareness and improve myself.

The oneness perspective opens up great possibilities for the improvement of our well-being for if everything is your mind it makes it easier to love your neighbor and all of creation because you are simply loving yourself in doing so. Intuition goes into overdrive with the oneness perspective because messages will come across from the reality that if you are able to catch them, (while actively maintaining the understanding that this is all your mind), you can use them for your own benefit.  All of our teachers and counselors are our own mind accessing itself to bring forth awareness and understanding. USE THEM. If you find them unworthy disregard them but perhaps what they have said that you disregarded is an aspect of yourself you may need to examine further.

Furthermore, if you are suffering I implore you to incorporate the oneness perspective in your everyday thinking. I believe you will be able to truly see within your own mind the solution to your problem for it is within you to do so. If however, you stick with the separation perspective, well, the solution maybe a 1000 light-years away.

Be as one and remember the phrase from the “Neverending Story” theme song;

“Dream a dream and what you see will be”


3 responses to “Separateness is the Illusion. Oneness is the Reality

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  1. I take issue with ‘the annoying neighbor’ is NOT (always) a part of MY mind. Not in the case of the zealot. Not at all true. The rest of what you discuss is amenable to my way of thinking.

    • Rudwung, consider the possibility that your interactions and thoughts regarding this annoying neighbor” do actually render him a part of your mind. The very fact that you decided to comment on this blog post confirms that he is within your mind. Thank you for your compliment.

  2. We are unaware of many of our motives and that if these are known to us we are able to make better, less conflicted choices. However, we are often resistant to or defended against recognising these hidden motives which are often termed unconscious by most psychodynamic theorists, and hence are unable to change – indeed we seem to have a compulsion to repeat past behaviour. These repetitions are thought to arise because of earlier experience where our behaviour successfully enabled us to cope by ignoring or repressing difficult feelings. Psychodynamic counselling thus has theory of why we are unable to change, how this inability arises, and how it affects our lives.

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