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“Change” is a word that often reminds one of the political campaign of President Barack Obama. His campaign focused on offering a beneficial and refreshing change away from the status quo which, as clearly demonstrated by the results of the 2008 General Election, was something United States citizens were yearning for.

Politics aside, how important is change? What is its role in our lives? How can one manifest the change he or she so desire’s in their own life? What are the consequence(s) of inertia?

The important of change is eloquently described by Duke Leto Atreides himself. For those who are unfamiliar with Duke Leto, he is a fictional character from the novel Dune by Frank Herbert, produced into a movie in 1984.

The following video shows Duke Leto discussing the importance of change to his son Paul, the heir to House Atreides. For it is at this time that they and the rest of their noble house are about to leave their home planet, the ocean planet of Caladan, to assume their new role as governors of the desert planet Arrakis.

Quite a change indeed.

Duke Leto’s Wisdom

There really is little need for me to continue this blog post after watching that clip because Duke Leto expresses the concept of change as I too perceive it. However, elaboration may shine even more light on it, so, I dutifully continue on.

As we grow into adults we often become habituated to the experience of our lives. We develop routines to stabilize the passing moment and so the passing moment becomes a routine. Day after day passes by and do we ever ask ourselves the question, “What new experience(s) am I going to have today?” I know that I have never consciously asked that question until I thought it fitting to type it just now. However, I have had an underlying striving to have new experiences and have often contemplated experiencing new experiences. It is not until now though, that I am going to make it a daily practice to ask myself this question so that I can have a new experience every single day, if I so choose of course. See, I am changing already.

I’m sure there will be times I find myself answering this question with “No, not today, today I am going to relax and experience the time-honored tradition of rest.” Still, I’m actually choosing to change from more activity to less activity. Thus, in this particular refusal to change, I am still changing………………yea, more on that later.

The importance of change is that it is a catalyst for our growth. Just as Duke Leto said, new experiences connect with something deep inside us, by allowing it to grow we can discover more about not only our reality, but most importantly, of ourselves. Who are you?

Change allows us to tap into and reveal things about ourselves that we may never previously conceived to be possible, and, if we nurture these previously latent aspects of ourselves we improve the likelihood of expressing our full potential and achieving self-actualization.

There are countless accounts of individuals who uncover motivations and desires to engage in experiences they wouldn’t have considered in their past, yet the present moment ultimately reveals the unconsidered to be a major part of oneself and life.

Carl Jung perceived the self as a combination of all of the conscious and unconscious factors. He believed Neurosis results from a one-sided personality development, therefore, self-realization (Jung’s preferred term) could only occur when a person reached into the unknown depths of oneself.

Ahhh yes, the unknown. How do human beings usually react to the unknown? Well, often with fear because the unknown may just happen to be beyond control, or could be something we consider undesirable. What if that which is beyond our control and undesirable could be the very thing(s) that give us the greatest learning experiences and level of self awareness in our lives?


Change is probably the greatest developmental component in reality, of which the individual is a part of and participating in always. New experiences facilitate our psychological evolution as human beings, learning and understanding comes about from it. To resist change can literally be an effort to resist oneself and life itself. I would argue that each of us could probably spend a great deal of time pondering on all the “what if’s” we allowed to pass us by in the past when neglecting the opportunity for new experience. However, the past cannot be undone and excessive emotional attachments to the memories of the past are more likely to lead to greater resistance to change now, so what are you getting out of using your precious moment and energy doing so? Unless of course you have a time machine, then perhaps it might be worth it.

So, you want to have new experiences, you want to embrace change, but you don’t know how to use it to your own developmental advantage in your own life? Well, consider this for a moment…….

You cannot resist change, it is physically impossible (You are physically a new human being every 7 years as every cell in your body has been replaced with new ones), and it is a constant, a law of reality. Whether or not you choose to change and have new experiences is irrelevant for you will experience change nonetheless. It is one of those aspects of reality our free will cannot impose upon, leaving the only real choice for us to make choosing between being an active or passive participant within change. Inertia simply puts you in position to be changed by the will of others, but, make no mistake, you’re changing and will continue to change for as you live now so too will you die. So, what are you going to do in the meantime?

What is it that is stopping you from steering yourself along the endless current of change? Doing so may direct you to wonderful experiences you cannot foresee at this moment, it could teach you so much more about yourself and others, it has the potential to lead you to remember, to revel, in the wonder and mystery that is life. As for the anxious changers, ponder this — Even though everything changes, nothing is truly lost.
The 44th President of the United States, love him or hate him, said it best

“We are the change we have been waiting for.”

Great everybody, we’ve figured it all out! The wait is over folks, now we get to decide to be the change or be changed. I know which one I am going to choose.

Happy changing and awakening the sleeper within.


Posted November 24, 2014 by Dr. Robert Morse, Psy.D., B.C.C. in Uncategorized

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