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30 kilometers per second, or 67,000 miles per hour

460 meters per second–or roughly 1,000 miles per hour


A new year is upon us. The beginning of a new cycle, the prospect of something new arising. Most people make resolutions in the hopes that some aspect of their lives may improve. Most resolutions only last a few weeks until the inevitable occurs. Who you are overpowers what you want to do. It is the common mistake of humanity to believe that, due to its intelligence and malleability to the elements, it may change “at will”. Evolution is a process, a process that must be followed step by step. The environment affects the organism. The organism must respond by changing itself in some way to adapt to the environment. These changes take place over time (days, months, years). Yet, humanity maintains the belief that “I can change what I do without changing who I am.”

This article is not about how to correct those unresolved resolutions. This article is a lesson of acceptance. Its purpose is to provide a sense of awareness of self. Who you are determines what you can do. Willpower determines how effective you are at what you can do. Yet, it all revolves around who you are. You can never maintain going 67,000 mph for 365 days. It would cause multiple health issues and you would die. The Earth can and does, because it is the Earth. It fulfills its purpose every year, only making one resolution, to be itself. It does not resolve to go faster, become slimmer, get into shape, and stop using oxygen or water. It produces the same things it has always produced, making the necessary changes gradually over millennia.

Now you could say, “what about the negative aspects of me that I would like to make positive? Wouldn’t it be a noble enterprise to try and improve those aspects?” To which the universe says sure go ahead, sharpen your claws, strengthen your fangs, just do not forget you are what you are. Before you can change what you do you must acknowledge who and what you are. For most people that involves looking deep inside oneself, accepting the person within. Accept that you may be wrong politically, socially, or spiritually. Accept that your fashion, music, and food tastes may be wrong. This is how you face the truth of who you are so that you may become the best version of yourself. Carl Jung called it embracing the “Shadow”. The repressed aspects of yourself that are socially, morally, and personally reprehensible. Yet they are you. Most people want to try to change what they do without acknowledging who they are IS the lazy, drinker, addict, sexual deviant, abuser, and unstable emotional monster that exists. In not addressing this “Shadow” every resolution is a promise to fail because inherently there is no change in self. Only further denial of the unified self.

Start with the premise, “what I know and believe is false” now I must focus only on facts. Facts are defined as a verified truth, tested by experience. Alternative facts are lies. There are no alternative facts. If the decisions you have made in this life have lead you to a false life existence then start with yourself. Look inside the “dark side” of yourself. Address your fears and repulsions, your hidden desires and impulses. Question yourself as to why those feelings exist, do not judge them. In judging them you will only conceal them deeper and further. To recap, be factual with yourself. Accept yourself for exactly what it is, understanding yourself and the changes that you need to make to fit into the environment. Only after these steps can you truly revolve around the light and shine.


Posted January 8, 2018 by Dr. Robert Morse, Psy.D., B.C.C. in Uncategorized